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Improving ROI from Paid Search

Using paid search to increase sales offline and online


Åhléns hired Precis Digital in 2016 with the ambition of taking their paid search activities to the next level. Having launched their ecommerce store early in 2016 Åhléns needed a partner that could help them grow sales whilst also improving ROI from paid search activity. With 70 physical stores around the country it was important to develop a strategy that focused on growth both online and on the high-street.


With 70 stores across Sweden Åhléns is one of the largest retailers in the country, selling everything from fashion to home decor. The company was founded in 1899 and today it has more than 3000 employees and annual revenues exceeding 5 billion SEK.


Since the start of the partnership Precis has helped Åhléns grow paid search revenue with 609% whilst also decreasing the CoS (Cost of Sale) by 58%. Within the first three months of the partnership non-brand sales from Google AdWords had increased by 2352% and the CoS number was lowered by 85%.


  • Precis has helped Åhléns measure and report how paid search drive visits to physical stores. By using an Omni channel approach to paid search Åhléns have been able to increase total store visits by 175% in a short period of time.
  • With a mobile-focused approach, Precis has enhanced the in-store traffic by leading consumers to physical stores. By connecting the customer journey through various screens and channels, offline purchases generated from mobile devices are continuously measured and taken into account.
  • By developing real-time reporting dashboards Precis was able to monitor immediate changes and effects, enabling fast and smart decision-making on a daily basis.
  • With thousands of products available for purchase online it was critical to ensure that the Google Shopping exposure was optimized both in terms of search query coverage but also in terms of data quality since this is a deciding factor when it comes to ad serving.
  • Constant keyword expansion based on search query report and smart technology developed by Precis, causing Åhléns’ online advertising to gain competitive advantage and attract conversions from previously unutilized keywords.
Uplift in Revenue
Decrease in CoS
Increase in visits to physical stores

Johanna Levy, Online Manager at Åhléns

Although we have only worked with Precis for little under 6 months they have made a big impact on our SEM performance. From the start of the collaboration they have shown great proactivity, competence and determination to move us forward and improve performance. They have delivered great results and we are delighted with the partnership. One important factor behind the success is that they have gone beyond the standard methods of working with SEM by incorporating online to offline behaviours and a sophisticated mobile strategy. This is something we really appreciate and we know that it will give us a competitive advantage.

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